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Puppet theatre Sytkyt

hammas200p_sk.jpgPuppet theatre Sytkyt is a touring professional theatre run by Mr. Juha Laukkanen and theatre technician Mr. Arto Ollikainen. Sytkyt was founded over 20 years ago and currently performances are organised both in Finland and abroad. Every year the theatre has almost 250 performances in venues such as day-care centres, children’s parties and hospitals.Wagner

Juha Laukkanen has been elected UNICEF goodwill ambassador and Finnish embassies and major corporations also often invited him abroad. He has travelled widely in countries around the world, such as Thailand, Singapore, Egypt and China. Read article Juha's tour 2007 at Asia here.

During the summer, the theatre’s repertoire includes puppet operas performed for children. In previous summers the theatre has performed Wagner’s Siegfried, Rhinegold and Flying Dutchman and Verdi’s Masquerade Ball at Savonlinna Opera Festival.


The repertoire of Puppet Theatre Sytkyt is designed for children and families with children. Performances are in Finnish, Swedish, English and German

Our tour repertoire for Children up to three years:

thailand2010_juha_ukot.jpgChildren from 3 to 8 years:
Beauty and the Beast (with the help of sign language)
Nutcracker to the music of Tschaikovsky, read more
Is There a Dragon in My Bag? – a puppet opera about fears
Fluffy-Dog’s Wild Adventure – information on drugs
Sea Adventure, music by Anna Hanski
Tooth adventure, read more
Matt The Cat, read more

For the entire family:
Dragon adventure
The Christmas Gospel
The White Magical Monkey – Ramakien
The Swan Knight puppet opera (Lohengrin)
The Sandman – a story about H.C. Andersen
A Lost Princess, a Javanese puppet story
Mozart birthday party
Sampo Lappalainen

A theatre performance can be a one-man show or a bigger performance aided even by a chamber orchestra. Venues can be schools, day-care centres, hospitals, churches, and theatres.

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